Stephen Williams, Switzerland photographer, possible sexual harassment!

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To put this in brief, my daughter was sent to Switzerland from the UK in order to engage in a photoshoot/modelling contest.She was 17 at the time.

Essentially, she arrived at the airport and there was a gentleman with a name card waiting for her, and a car outside. She got in, expecting to be taken to some sort of a convention centre but instead was taken to the above named persons home (address: Robert Siedel-Hof 5, 8048 Zurich). I'm still not 100% sure what happened to be honest, but she's hardly said a word.

The police essentially say that Switzerland is a black hole when it comes to this sort of thing (look at certain film directors) and they can't help much apart from taking a statement.My daughter hasn't been the same since, and this is all I can think of doing to stop it happening again.

This is the man in question


Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom #800054

I've just been approached by him regarding my 14 year old via an online competition. Lucky I read this - I went onto google because something sounded very off.


Sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. It has been more than a year since your daughter's trip to Zurich; has she spoken about it yet to you?

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